My Thoughts on Licensing

A little about me. I am a realist. I like to hold items in my hand. I want a paper contract. I trust people, most of the time.  My best friend says I’m practical to a fault. 🙂 

When you take these traits and tell me I can retire on one deal with a half-baked idea, a company will license, pay me many dollars per unit, and sell millions of units…I am very skeptical.  I know people who have been very successful with a licensing agreement and I applaud them.  But, I question if this replicates as quickly in real life, as it appears to be a prevalent belief among inventors.

As a firm believer in following your own path, doing the right thing, and wanting everyone to be successful, but I am hesitant to buy into this dream. In my opinion, you should have a great idea, a working prototype, proof of your market, fine-tuning of the design and concept completed before moving forward.

When you are ready to hold your product in your hand and work towards the goal of selling your product through multiple channels, please contact us to discuss options to having it globally sourced.

We are your realistic, supplier partner.

Till next time,

Mary Ann

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