We take your idea and and put the final product in your hand. 

We take your idea and work with our prototype team to perfect it,  vet factories to oversee Asian production to manufacture it to our exacting standards and mange logistics.  We work with both established and new companies to develop and source products in China.  We minimize aggravations in your supply chain or help new companies and inventors best understand and manage the process of going global.

Global Component Manufacturing and Sourcing

We are an experienced sourcing company with facilities in China.  We manage finding the best supplier, vetting the factory, quality checks and ship either FOB or landed–based on what you need.  We are both WBE and WOSB certified.  We can help ease an overworked internal staff or manage the process on your behalf.  Let us help you show you sourcing management options which will both streamline your process, allow for easier management of global suppliers and add to your bottom line.

For the New Global Business:

Let’s face it. Bringing your custom product all the way to market can be rewarding and terrifying at the same time. International prototyping, supplier selection, and the ever-changing customs process can leave you feeling confused and even afraid you will make costly missteps.

At Michigan Global Trade, we believe you deserve to see your idea thrive in the marketplace. And we’re here to help. We understand the many complexities of bringing global products to market, and are passionate about helping North American companies do just that, using our proven process.

If you’re ready to see your idea produce profit, then we’re here to help.

Schedule a Call:

Contact us to learn more by email,  info@michiganglobaltrade.com, phone 616-826-7599 to discuss further use the calendar link to schedule a 15 minute introduction.  https://calendly.com/miglobaltrade_maryann/15min