The Pros and Cons of On-Line Sourcing

On-line sourcing websites look so easy, but there are some inherent risks you should be aware of when using these services.  Let me start by saying that in some cases they make a lot of sense to help you find companies and see product options.  The downside is that many times the prices advertised are not legitimate and many times do not inform you of shipping costs, custom costs, tariffs and the real price.  It’s also difficult to access if they are real companies with long-term and stable operations. Additionally, many do not provide any oversight of your product or logistics in the country of origin, mainly China.

A better option is to partner with a company that has in-country resources which will find and make what you need, watch over your order during production and shipping and assure what you expect gets sent. There are also options for in-country quality review services which can work, but they may not have your long-term interest in mind. 

It’s better to work with a partner which is with you from the idea stage through the delivery of your product.  You should expect continued communications throughout the sourcing process and be able to easily reach your point of contact.

We want everyone to be successful and will work closely with you to manage your expectations to have a successful global sourcing experience.

Till next time.

Mary Ann


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