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Michigan Global Trade
China Trip 2018

The Team witnessed firsthand the country’s remarkable economic growth, technological advancements, and immense potential for collaboration across various industries.

In 2018, Michigan Global Trade embarked on an exciting journey to China, opening doors to new business opportunities and forging valuable connections in one of the world’s largest and most dynamic markets. This unforgettable trip showcased the company’s commitment to expanding its international trade ventures and establishing a strong presence in the global marketplace.

Here are a couple of easy to find video links to our most recent trip to China.  See these and more on our YouTube Page.



Michigan Global Trade’s trip to China in 2018 was a transformative experience, enabling the company to explore new business frontiers and establish a strong foothold in the Chinese market. By gaining insights into China’s business landscape, identifying trade opportunities, embracing cultural exchange, and building lasting relationships, Michigan Global Trade demonstrated its commitment to driving economic growth, fostering global connections, and unlocking the potential of international trade. This remarkable journey continues to inspire and shape the company’s endeavors, fueling their passion for further expanding their global reach.

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