From Instagram: San Francisco


Tim here! It has been awhile since I’ve showcased another city that Mary Ann and I enjoy. San Francisco is always nice to visit as there is plenty to do, but also family was born, raised, and have a historic presence here.

Above are two great hotels we have stayed at: the Fairmont (foreground) and the Mark Hopkins. The Fairmont has had many great movies filmed there plus the great Tonga Room Tiki bar. Mary Ann and I prefer to stay at the Mark Hopkins along with it’s Executive Rooms and Lounge on the main floor. One can enjoy a coffee and hear the bell of the Calfornia Street Cable Car passing by. Top of The Mark has wonderful views but generally the Executive Rooms have lovely views themselves, so no need to go out of our way for expensive drinks.

I would love to live in San Francisco, but the city has become very expensive. Luckily one doesn’t have to be a multi-millionaire to feel like you are one staying at these two nice hotels.


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