New Countries, New Offices

Hello All,

Exciting news, my partners and I are expanding our global access by opening offices in Vietnam and an office and factory in India to best manage the need for diversification in global sourcing, in addition to our facilities in China.  Each country brings something to the table and each are chosen for different strengths that they bring.  Now we can bring the same level of customer service to more countries.  We will work with you to share the pros and cons of each location and which makes the most fiscal sense for your product. 

We continue to move forward and be supportive to our customers in many ways, but when asked how or when the tariff war ends, we need to unfortunately state, “We do not know.”   I spend many hours each week reading, tracking and watching varied news sources on trade and I can confidently state there is no consensus now, but fully expect it in the future.  I hesitate to estimate when this will be resolved.  Michigan Global Trade continues to make global sourcing easier in more countries.  Even with easy access through Alibaba and other on-line resources, it’s reassuring and cost-effective to have eyes and ears on the ground negotiating and watching over your purchase.

We look forward to working with you.

Mary Ann Ferris-Young


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