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Michigan Global Trade LLC Removes the Fear of Importing.  If you are concerned with importing from China or anywhere in the world, talk to us!  Don’t take our word for it, below are a couple of clients thoughts on their own experiences with Michigan Global Trade.

“I met Mary-Ann at the Michigan Inventors Coalition conference. She reviewed my product and assured me she could not only manufacture it but also handle the import/export. She went to China on my behalf, set everything up, came back with an amazing quote for not only the prototype but tooling as well. Any inventor knows this is a critical piece to have, knowing how much it cost to make your product. We also have created a bond and will continue to work together on other numerous projects helping other inventors. It has been such a pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much for everything!!

Maria, Inventor Customer

“Working with Mary Ann and her team at Michigan Global Trade took the guess work out of sourcing in China for us.  Michigan Global Trade saved us the time and money associated with building trust, managing communication, and monitoring quality while letting us taking advantage of pricing associated with outsourced manufacturing and focus on what we do best – marketing and selling our products.”

Tim, eCommerce Custom Product Customer

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