Tim’s Travel Tips: Flying Domestic in China

After a couple days of trains and various vehicles, Mary Ann and I needed to fly to get to our next destination.  The night before we stayed in Ningbo, just north of Wenzhou.  We had a few factory tours to do before our flight from Wenzhou to Shenzhen.  We bid adieu to our friends Annie and Cam as we were dropped off at the airport.  Jo Jo and Una would be waiting for us in Shenzhen.

Wenzhou Logwan International Airport is as modern as any airport.  The plane tickets for Shenzhen Airlines were already purchased so all we needed to do is show our passports and visas.  The check in person spoke a little English, but generally we had all the information we needed.

Our Australian partner, Cam Mitchell, has pretty much seen it all and let us know of all the nightmare things he has experienced while flying in China.  Generally, if paperwork isn’t right things can go wrong.  Nothing went wrong for Mary Ann and I, so next was security.  You don’t have to take your shoes off.  We had some work related items and batteries that needed to be rescanned.  Otherwise uneventful and quick.

Plenty of restaurants and gift shops to pass your time, but keep in mind that the flight time doesn’t mean the flight won’t leave early if everyone is ready to go.  So take note: BE ON TIME FOR BOARDING.

Wenzhou to Shenzhen - Google Maps

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