Tim’s Travel Tips: Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Hong Kong

Ah, the Holiday Inn Golden Mile in Hong Kong.  The final portion of our trip brought us to a place Mary Ann and I never thought I would go.  Our morning factory tour near Guangzhou couldn’t happen because of the mass of people trying to get train tickets, so off to Hong Kong!  A quick bullet train from Shenzhen and 20 minutes later we were there.

Hong Kong was really a last minute trip as our factory tours fed us south.  Why not go to Hong Kong?  The problem with Hong Kong is trying to get a inexpensive hotel but in a good location.  The Holiday Inn Golden Mile was the answer, priced under $200.  It also had an inexpensive option of the Executive Club Room and Lounge.

The Holiday Inn Golden Mile was located on Nathan Road in the neighborhood of Tsim Sha Tsui.  The hotel was right in the middle of everything and only a couple of blocks from the harbor and wonderful Hong Kong skyline.

The room we had felt upscale, but there definitely wasn’t a view as we looked at the back of the Chungking Mansions.  The pool was a nice getaway complete with staff to serve drinks, but Mary Ann and I had no time to really enjoy it.

By the way, the air conditioning was cold when we entered the room.  Hong Kong doesn’t mess around with air conditioning.  The lounge was great for a light dinner, but we couldn’t take advantage of breakfast as we had to head off a little early to get to the airport.

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