We are thankful for Irene’s help!

Michigan Global Trade, LLC is growing and we have found a great resource to help us.  I have been on top of everything for a long time and it’s time to have help with some of these tasks.   So you understand my story, I have been working since I was 12 years old.  I was a very busy babysitter in my parent’s neighborhood (I now live around the corner from them), worked at the hot dog stand, the grocery store, the fancy leather goods store, the gourmet candy store all while starting college at 14 and working full-time though-out college and graduate school–and then then the post college jobs start. No one can call me lazy.  This work ethic was learned from my parents and the rule that I pay for “extras” with my own money.  Fortunately, my parents paid for college and helped me get started so I had a good push forward.  I will be forever grateful for this great example to be the best that I can.

This same worth ethic has benefited me most of my life–and is certainly helpful in running my own business.  Lately, I’ve had a growing list of “other tasks” I cannot get to, all important but never on the “A” list and I found some help and contracted with a person to help me remotely work through the project list.  Her name is Irene and you may hear from her from time to time. Her skills keep us on-track and moving forward.  Even if you do not hear from her directly, understand she is working hard to make us better.  Thanks Irene!


Till next time,

Mary Ann

About Michigan Global Trade:

Removing the Fear of Importing

Let us be your eyes and ears on the ground in China and around the world to manage the suppliers, production, logistics and quality control. We keep you informed and help with:

  • Finding the product, you need,
  • Visiting the factory to assure it meets your needs,
  • Quality checking the order to make sure it meets your specification,
  • Overseeing the container to the dock, so you know it’s ready to go,
  • Oversee customs clearance and delivery to your door,
  • Provide updates via email throughout the process,
  • We answer our phones, when you call.

Our partners  have worked together for over ten years and understand how to successfully procure materials internationally for most markets. We have partners in the USA, Australia, United Kingdom with sourcing and production facilities in China helping you buy from China, India and Vietnam.  We work very hard to locate or produce a product, manage quality control, and get it to you anywhere in the world quickly and within your budget.


We streamline communication by having a US office contact to best manage  time zone differences and communication. We are available to talk during office hours or any time you need us.

Products and Sourcing:

We can source any supply you are looking for and if we cannot find it, we may be able to produce it in our factory to your specifications. We have key product lines in construction, fasteners, furniture components and custom manufacturing–but we can find or make any product you need.


We handle the heavy lifting. We work with freight forwarders to handle logistics, customs and shipping to your door. Let us worry about finding what you need and getting it to you.

Availability and Quick Turn-Around:

Our team is ready to find what you need.  We are easy to work and would love to provide a quote for the products you are looking for in your business.  Let us show you how competitive our pricing is for your market.

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