Buy or Custom Order Fencing

Did you know that our factory makes fencing of all kinds?  From chain link to decorative, from pool fencing to gates.  We can customize any type of fencing that you need.  If you have a question please contact us at Michigan Global Trade LLC at or 1-616-826-7599.

About Michigan Global Trade:  We work as an experienced China supplier and partner with an international team. We have a 20 person sourcing team and a 100,000 sq. ft. factory in China for custom manufacturing.  Our partners  have worked together for over ten years and understand how to successfully procure materials internationally for most markets.

We have partners in the USA, Australia, United Kingdom and sourcing and production facilities in China.  We work very hard to locate or produce a product, manage quality control, and get it to you anywhere in the world quickly and within your budget.

We can source any supply you are looking for and if we cannot find it, we may be able to produce it in our factory to your specifications. We have key product lines in construction, landscaping, LED, banquet tables, party shacks and fencing supplies–but we can find or make any product you need.

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