Tim’s Travel Tips: Hong Kong Massage

By the time Mary Ann and I got to Hong Kong we were a little tired.  Throughout the streets of Hong Kong there are many people selling their wares, including massage.  We came across a little lady selling Chung Wah Relexology.  We followed her to a small elevator a few flights up a basic building to a little place with comfortable chairs.  Mary Ann settled on the the foot, foot bath, and body massage for $268.00 HK or roughly $34.19 US.  I settled on just relaxing.  Throughout our time there we witnessed various people come in from all over the world, attracted like flies.

After the massage was done, Mary Ann was back and ready to take on more of Hong Kong.  Some of these places can be intimidating as people are in your face, like Chung King Mansions…don’t be.

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