Questions and Answers About How to Import Globally

I tried to import from China in the past and it did not go as planned, what would be different this time?

We have a proven system of professionals dedicated to make it easy to import from China and globally. Our team in China oversees sourcing, custom fabrication in our own factory, quality control and shipping. All of which simplifies this process and helps to assure it is streamlined and there are not any surprises.  Our Chinese team includes twenty sourcing professionals who are your eyes and ears on the ground so nothing gets missed.  We also can provide pictures of the container being loaded so you know exactly what is happening. Visit our blogs to learn more bout how we work.

Will the products be high quality?

We work with our sourcing team to find products to meet your specifications and will provide samples, if needed, for approval.  We also bring ideas to life and custom manufacture new products in our factory including the development of custom molds.

Will I deal with English speaking staff?

Both the staff in the US and in China speak and write in English to help simplify the process of importing globally.

How long does it take products to arrive to the US?

Lead times vary for different products, but we will confirm time-frames during the order.  After the product is sourced or manufactured, it still needs to be shipped and the containers can be on the water for 20-30 days or longer.  Timeframes for development and shipping are estimates.

Who do I call if there is an issue?

Your U.S. contact will deal with any issues and works to get items resolved with the supplier and factories globally.

Who do I call with questions?

Please contact  1-616-710-1860.  I look forward to speaking with you about what we can find for you.


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Picture of staceked shipping containers ready to import from China.