We specialize in the following areas, but can find almost anything you need to buy from globally and have offices in China, India and Vietnam.   Here is just a small sampling of what we can offer:

  • Custom products and components–many markets
  • Bulk materials: Vinyl, metal, pipe, connectors, fasteners
  • Furniture/Deck Supplies: Patio furniture
  • Resort/Golf/Boat: Golf equipment, golf carts, kayaks
  • Venue supplies: Chairs, stages, dance floors, tables, table settings
  • Equestrian: Horse trailers, supplies
  • Construction Supplies: landscaping, buildings
  • Sanitation Supplies:  Gloves, shoe covers
  • Lighting Supplies:  Lamps, LED’s, custom LED fixtures, to fit existing holes, parking lots, venue lighting
  • Apparel: Jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes
  • PPE, nitrile gloves (link to PPE partner division Blue Tiger Health

We can source almost anything. Just ask.