Inventory Low-Let’s Discuss Supply Chain Options

The trade war with China, Brexit concerns and issues with global manufacturing have caused much confusion, higher costs and delays over the past year or so. Many companies ordered supplies in advance in order to miss some of the tariff deadlines. These actions allowed some companies to miss the tariffs, but also caused very full warehouses across the US. Now, these inventory levels are dropping and it’s time to assess your global supply chain and reorder.

To quickly summarize our thoughts, China is and continues to be the biggest and easiest country of suppliers to work with in sourcing. Other parts of Asia and the Asean offer great options for manufacturing, but tend to be more specialized in what they can manufacture and source.  India also has great options for many markets, but can be overwhelming to navigate.  All are easiest to manage with staff on the ground to manage initial factory selection, setup, production, quality and logistics.  We work successfully in all regions and can share our expertise in how to best navigate global supply chain and finding the best country and the best factory.

There are many points of view on trade and how this may finalize.  It’s a dynamic and changing world and companies are confused in finding the best approach for their global supply chains.  We would love to help you find the best solution for your company.



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