How We Work – Michigan Global Trade LLC

How We Work – Michigan Global Trade, LLC.  We make importing easy.  Here is what to expect when you want to import from China with Michigan Global Trade, LLC or have a custom product produced.

  1. Contact us:

    The best way get contact us is via email at or call us directly at 616-826-7599. We will discuss what you need and see if this idea can benefit both of us.  Most of the time, we can help but sometimes we have to pass.  We will do our best to provide you the best information we can regarding your project.

  2. Discuss specifics.

    To do the best job we can, we need to know the details of your project.  We love to see drawings, pictures, specific specs or even a sample of what you need. Our goal is to get you want you need with the highest quality and lowest cost as a long-term partner.

  3. Create a quote.

    We will work with our sourcing team, factory managers and world-wide partners to establish a price for the project.  We want to emphasize we have an experienced team in China and we take every project seriously.  This is why step 1 and 2 are so important.  We vet every conversation and potential project to confirm this is a good fit for both of us.

  4. Samples. 

    We do our best to provide samples that demonstrate the quality of our work.  In the case of a custom product, we may need to approach this differently, but we will come up a good solution so you are comfortable with the quality of what we can produce.

  5. Purchase. 

    We will require a percent of the cost up-front and the remaining cost prior to shipment. If we’ve done our job, you will be at ease with the samples and ready to move forward.

  6. Delivery. 

    Based on what is negotiated, we will package your shipment for delivery to a shipping facility in Shanghai or to your door.  We also aim to keep you in the loop as the project is underway and can usually provide a picture of the packed container, so you know what to expect.

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