Gearing up for the Holidays-time to fill the container

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas in April to assure your global supply chain is ready for the holidays. You need to start  getting ready to fill your containers.  Last year’s snow is still on the ground where I live and we are already gearing up to help clients get their orders ready for the 2018 holiday season.  The supply chain process is longer when importing, so you should start thinking about your orders now.

We can start working with you now to source and manufacture what you are looking for and get it on the water while shipping rates are still low.  Towards the end of summer shipping rates will increase due to the volume of supplies coming over for the holiday…let’s beat the rush.

Like most, I prefer to begin work early and get the job done right.  Starting now allows us to really fine-tune the process and find what you want with help from our experienced and talented staff in China.  Give us a call and let us find what you are looking for. We have time now to find just the right items.

Till next time.

Mary Ann

About Michigan Global Trade:  We work as an experienced China supplier and partner with an international team to import from China. We have a 20 person sourcing team specializing in China imports along with a 100,000 sq. ft. factory in China for custom manufacturing.  Our partners  have worked together for over ten years and understand how to successfully procure materials internationally for most markets and work with China trade.

We have partners in the USA, Australia, United Kingdom and sourcing and production facilities in China helping you buy from China.  We work very hard to locate or produce a product, manage quality control, and get it to you anywhere in the world quickly and within your budget. We work with you importing from China wholesale to take advantage of the cost savings. 



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