Afraid of Buying From China

Afraid of Buying from China?  I received an email from a potential customer asking if there was a list of approved companies from China I could supply as she was afraid of a scam.  The answer is no there is not a list available of “bad companies”.  We wish bad companies anywhere in the world would hang a flag out so we could run away…but this is never going to happen.

Now I can only answer from the perspective of how we run our business, but buying from a sourcing agent in China is not much different than buying from any other supplier.  Here’s the process.

  1. You search for what you are looking for on the web or through your buying channels.
  2. You contact the company and ask for a quote, sample or discuss needs and send a schema of what you want produced.
  3. You review social media for any red flags, ask for references, go with a gut feeling if you like this person and their company.
  4. Pay a deposit
  5. Place your order.
  6. Pay for order
  7. Order arrives.

Now for a few of the differences.

  1. It may take a few weeks to arrive as it needs to make the trip across the ocean.
  2. You may order a larger quantity than normal, to keep the shipping cost down.
  3. A large container could be delivered to loading dock (or a box, pallet or whichever was negotiated.)
  4. You pay in advance in most cases.

Really there is very little difference in buying from a reputable Chinese supplier than there is buying from a distributor regarding quality.  Good suppliers are good suppliers, wherever they are located in the world. They want to sell good products and run good businesses.

Just want to help buyers understand…it is a global economy and it’s okay to search for what you need anywhere in the world.  Michigan Global Trade, LLC can help you find it.

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